Thursday, 25 June 2015

Trusting even when things go wrong.

How would you react if everything started going wrong all of a sudden? Would you be ready for that? Many times we go through certain situations where the only option is trusting. But, what does trusting mean exactly?

Is everything going wrong?

Trusting means having faith, believing in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Everything in life passes and everything serves to teach us a lesson, even though the situation we are going through may seem to not have a solution. 

Perhaps everything is going wrong for you at the moment - at home, in your financial life, in your love life, inside of you or in your life in general. 

What you see around you is different from what you hope for - but I propose that you trust. "Trust in whom or what?" you may ask. Trust that everything will change. 

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't need good moments to smile, but were able to smile even when things are going wrong, because you trusted that they would change?

The sun will shine again!

Even when things are all going wrong,
Ludymilla can still smile.
Trusting requires having no doubt. If you've been doubting, it's because you lack trust. You need to develop this powerful tool, so that you can use it to bring to existence what doesn't exist yet in your life. 

This is the only way we can go through tough moments. You can't look at things in a natural way, as many see them. You have to believe that after a great storm comes the sun will shine again. Do you have this kind of trust?

If you would like to learn more about having this kind of trust, come and participate in our seminar this Sunday at 5pm, where we will be chatting woman to woman about how you can get this tool and be able to use it any time you need it. 

In faith,
Ludymilla Viana.


  1. Interesting article Ludymila,
    We all face difference situations in life and sometimes we do not know how to get out of it, as you said, we need to believe that things will change. I may not understand the reason as to why something is happening, all I need is to believe that a light will surely come my way. When I show this trust, I will start seeing things in a positive way, I need to be confident and show it and I cannot allow the problems or situations to take away my peace and become anxious.

  2. Thanks Ludymila for sharing ;)
    Its so true when you say that trusting requires having no doubt..... I have past a situation that I had to choose to trust or panic, special because was an unexpected notice... I felt that I was about to panic, but for an instant I thought... wait a minute im not going through that way, I choose to trust, I choose to believe that it will be a way out.... I heard many voices, everything seemed to get worst, but inside of me was a belief that everything would be fine, doesn't matter when, but it will be fine.... and did ;)))) Now I keep going.. I choose to trust!

  3. Thank you so much Mrs
    I have learn so much and I will use this powerful tool to bring to exitence what never exist .

  4. Thanks so much for sharing!I realise there's actually more to trust than I thought. Trust is the tool that leads a person to bring their imagination to existence. Simply because it's Faith in action. What I got for myself is that whenever I'm in difficult situations I must understand that after every storm comes sunshine!! Its hard to think like that in those moments but its all about sacrifice I guess.

  5. Thank you I have learnt that I have to trust even when I am facing difficult moments that the sun will shines again , this have thought me so much because most of the time , I focus on the problems , that's where doubts kicks in . But now not anymore , thank you to this teaching and I will apply it