Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Let's talk about love.

We couldn't help but smile!

The topic of this week's meeting was love and as often is the case when we talk about love, we all melted! We finally found the perfect Partner, One who is flawless and can fix all your flaws! Can you imagine all our excitement?
A perfect life

Imagine having a partner who was able to fix every error you ever made - One who would make sure that every single mistake you ever made, with NO exception, turned out to be good for you? You would practically be leading a perfect life. 

It sounds too good to be true, but it isn't! With God, ALL things work for your good. 

Many who were present in our meeting, as have many of you now reading this article, have had bad experiences in life, some they wish to forget. 

But, when reading this Bible verse, the word ALL spoke volumes to us. Although none of us can erase our past, God can make every single bad experience work out for our good - no exception! We need a partner like this in our corner!

CaTroi found a reason to smile through difficulties.
"The word ALL made me realise that the terrible mistakes I made will work out for good. I don't need to keep suffering from them.  As long as I keep doing my part, God will lift me up and give me victory over all my troubles.

That was exactly what I needed to hear, because I am currently going through difficult moments, but I left the meeting very hopeful and excited. I now know that everything will work, because He will not disappoint me or leave me hanging."

CaTroi Renee - Luton

All He needs is love 

In every partnership, there an exchange. With God it's no different. He is willing to fix your life, but He requires something in exchange - your love! It is a give and take, your all for His all.

Nastacia - young, but wise!
"What stood out the most for me was when we spoke about loving God. When we think of love ,we always think of the Hollywood version of love, which involves butterflies in the stomach and our emotions, but God views love differently. When God speaks about love, He means obedience.  What He wants from us is to obey His instructions. Every time that you choose to obey Him and do His will instead of your own, you prove to Him that you love Him. It is a sign of complete trust. That is when He will reward you for showing that you love him above all things."

Nastacia Steward - London

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  1. So true! A person who loves God, is a person who is faithful in his/her Obedience to Him.