Friday, 26 June 2015

All About You Studio Chat - 001

Hi friends,

Here's a little bit about us, to introduce ourselves to you. We'll be recording these weekly studio chats, so you may get to know us a little better. Leave your comments below, so we may get to know you as well.

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  1. One really bad way I dealt with pain, particularly when others I care for hurt me, was to get revenge. I was so blinded by whatever pain I was in that the only way I thought I could feel better was to inflict deeper pain on them.

    Unfortunately, those actions caused even more harm to my spirit because I never felt better, it worsened the situation and became an internal vicious cycle. I've learned not to continue doing this but to pray for inner healing and I've gotten better.

    I like the video blogs, please keep them coming!

    Thank you Claudia, Moti and Silvia! :)