Tuesday, 9 June 2015

How clean is your house?

What garbage is lurking around inside of you?
Just like we need to clean our house regularly, we also need to clean our interior. Start throwing away whatever is not useful. Things like resentment, grudges, hatred, criticism, being judgemental, etc., belong in the garbage!

Sweep away everything that's wrong and wipe off the resentment that is hovering inside of you like old dust. Shed grudges by forgiving those who once caused you anger and pain. Your interior should also be clean and bright.

A worthy process

Reflect on your behaviour and think of ways it can benefit other people and more importantly - yourself! This is not a one day duty. It's a process and we're here to help you with that. Follow these helpful steps to a bright and clean interior:

Life provides you cleaning resources,
so make use of them!
1. Do not be lazy or delay to start your  cleaning process. The longer you take to start, the messier it will get and cleaning up will be more daunting. Focus on how clean your house will be and not on what happened to make it dirty. 

2. Make use of good cleaning products. Like the ones you have for your house, life also offers you good cleaning products, so you may be able to clean your interior. Use them! Our women's meetings are a great resource to help you clean your interior. There you will find advice, a listening ear, a helping hand and someone who understands you. They will provide you help with planning your future with wisdom and determination.

Once your spring cleaning is over, you'll realise that you don't miss any of the things you threw away. Cleaning is good for us in every sense!

Let this process begin today!

A clean interior is reason to smile and laugh at days to come.


  1. Yes agreed from now on I focus on the desired outcome and not on how far I am from it.

  2. I love this post. In the same way we should clean and tidy up our homes every day, we should also clean our interior (and keep it clean) on a daily basis. I'm rolling up my sleeves!

  3. Love this post! Yes, marigolds tomorrow!