Saturday, 6 June 2015

How to be the perfect guest at a wedding.

Carla and Rennan are getting married today.

Today we're heading to the chapel and we're gonna attend a wedding. We're very excited for these two! But, have you ever wondered how to behave at a wedding? Well, wonder no more. Follow these ten simple steps, and you'll be a guest to impress!

Be a good sport and...

Carla at her sister Andreia's wedding.
Today is her turn!
1. RSVP immediately after you receive an invitation.

2. Buy a gift that best represents the value the couple holds for you - but be wise, no debt!

3. Dress for the occasion - be mindful of the time of the day and only the bride should dress in white.

4. Don't be late! Be sure to make the bride feel special by welcoming her with a smile when she arrives.

5. Don't post pictures without permission. We all love Instagram or Facebook, but let's respect the couple's privacy.

6. Don't bring uninvited guests. The number of guests at weddings are always carefully considered.

7. Don't change the place cards at the reception. You have all your life to hang around with your friends.

8. Don't abuse the open bar - one drink per hour is the standard rule, and avoid alcoholic drinks.

9. Have fun, but don't make a show when dancing. Attention should be on the bride only!

10. No sour face or bad disposition - participate in all the activities cheerfully. 

Well, we're off to put these tips in practice now! We'll post pictures for you later (if we have the couple's permission, of course!)


Suzy will also be there today to see mommy walk down the isle.

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