Friday, 5 June 2015

Is there a dead rat in your life?

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of smelling a dead rat knows that the smell is unbearable. Imagine having your car filled with the smell of a dead rat. Well, Erika Lima does not need to imagine how this ride from hell would be like. 

Erika Lima from our Luton branch.
I was mortified

"My husband and I offered a ride to some friends. It was unusually hot that day and we did something we had never done in a long time - we put on the air conditioner! 

A nasty smell began filling the car immediately. Very confused, we looked at each other, not knowing where the smell was coming from. All I could think of was our friends in the back of the car and I was mortified! 

When we got home after dropping them off, my husband immediately opened the car hood to find out where the problem came from. He found a dead rat in the engine which, by the looks of it, was there for a while but had remained undetected. Fortunately the air conditioner brought the rat to our attention and we could dispose of it before more showed up."

What dead rat remains
undetected in your engine?

Many bad, harmful things can remain undetected in our lives. For example, as a defence mechanism against some abuse you've suffered, you could be a difficult person who mistreats people in your life, or you could be heavily addicted to substances in order to cope with stressful situations, or you could now be leading a poor quality of life, because you once heard someone say you wouldn't amount to anything, or holding a grudge against someone who said something harsh to you.

These are a few examples of the bad things that we can carry inside of us. And, like the rat in the engine, for a long time, they can remain undetected until a certain situation ignites them!

How can you
free yourself?

Erika and her husband, Francisco Lima.
Feedback from loved ones can help you understand yourself.
Always observe your reactions to things vigilantly. If you spot any bad reaction, don't take it for granted, saying, "This is who I am." Analyse your behaviour, so you can understand why you behave in certain ways. 

Don't wait for something to happen before you deal with things inside of you. Don't live with excuses such as, "I'm like this, because my mom treated me badly." To fix any unresolved issues inside of you, go to the root of the problem, deal with it and eliminate the issue! Forgive, ask for forgiveness, speak about it, do whatever it takes to move on and put it behind you once and for all.

Listen to clues from people around you. If different people are constantly complaining of the same thing about you, it's a sign that there is something wrong hidden inside of you. Don't ignore these clues. Others are probably seeing something you can't see yet. Take in their feedback and change for the better.

Your life is in your hands. Make good choices and set yourself free!

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