Sunday, 14 June 2015

Book Review: Nothing to Lose 3 (Nada a Perder 3)

Nothing to Lose 3 book launch in Lisbon Portugal.

In this age of the Internet and audiobooks, reading a book is slowly becoming outdated. But, we would like to recommend a book that you will find impossible to put down. Why is it this trilogy has managed to draw large crowds at book launches around the world?

A faith that transforms

Nothing to Lose 3 is the third book of a trilogy that tells the unique story of Bishop Edir Macedo, founder of the UCKG. How did the church grow from a gazebo to the Temple of Solomon or from a small gathering in a public square in Brazil to a church now present in more than 100 countries? How were the barriers and limitations of language, culture and different backgrounds surpassed? All these questions are answered in the book and will leave you inspired!


"Nothing to Lose’ made me think – a lot. I cried. I laughed. I felt angry. Many times I would stop and just ask myself, “What would I do if I were in his shoes?” Bishop Macedo is no superhero (as a matter of fact, he makes a point of exposing his weaknesses, insecurities and uncertainties in his biography), but his life is surely an inspiration to all of us. A must-read." 

Sandra GouvĂȘa

“I thought the book would be about the history of the HelpCentre, which I already know. But when I began reading, I was blown away! The detail in which he speaks about all he faced teaches us precious lessons that become more of a self-help book than just non-fiction. It gives you experiences to treasure for life!”

Miguel Lacerda

" I am not an avid reader, but I surprised myself with this book. In only 5 hours, I devoured the book. I was captivated! Have you ever watched an action movie and become so focused on it that you didn’t want to miss the last chapter? That’s how my experience was with Nothing to Lose 3. I started reading it and I didn’t want to stop learning from Bishop Macedo’s life experiences. The book doesn’t contain theory or speculations. It contains experience." 

Ludymilla Viana

When I finished reading the trilogy, I was inspired by how it all started with one idea and one man. This has made me never take for granted the ideas I have for future projects. Bishop Macedo's experiences gave me valuable lessons to follow through with those ideas and materialise them. It's a definite must read for people with a vision for a bright future!

Moti Bernardino

Claudia Brito, Moti Bernardino, Rita Oliveira and Carole Basseck at the Nothing to Lose 3 book launch in London, UK.

Get your own copy!

For only £12.50, you can get a copy of the book at Christian Books Plus, at the Rainbow Theatre, 232 Seven Sisters Road, London, N4 3NX. For more information, call o20 7686-6000. 

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