Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How to throw a good tea party

Thinking of throwing a tea party for friends, but don't know where to begin? Tea parties are a great idea for entertaining friends and celebrating those special occasions. But, although they're very simple, one could end up overlooking certain things. Here are tips on how you can make your tea party a success.

Send an invitation

A beautiful invitation sent will let your guests know about your party in a unique way. Send it with plenty of time to RSVP, so they can arrange to attend the party. The invitation should be creative and personal, letting them know of the date and time, location, theme, dress code and details and deadline to RSVP.

Pick a theme for your party

A meaningful theme will set the mood for your guests and let them know how to dress for your party. Think of whether it will be outdoor or indoor and pick a theme accordingly. 

Vintage High Tea, Princess Tea Party and 50s Tea Party are some examples of themes you can pick. Choose your decoration to match your chosen theme.

Offer a variety of teas

Since you are throwing a tea party, you should offer a wide array of teas. Have the option of loose tea or tea bags, flavoured or plain, black, green, white or red tea. If possible, you should have a variety of tea pots, so your guests can easily serve themselves, without having to wait for long. In summer you may opt to also offer iced tea for refreshment.

Have different kinds of sugars and sweeteners, slices of lemons, milk and honey, giving your guests plenty of choice to prepare their tea.

 The Food

Offer finger foods and delicious snacks that you can eat in one bite. You should have savoury and sweet treats. When preparing sandwiches, use different kind of breads, to give your guests an option. Fruit and snacks without bread are also a good idea.

Presentation is key! Lay your food out in an appetising, neat way, so your guests may not be put off by what they see. 

Popular savoury tea party menu items include cucumber, egg mayonnaise, ham and cheese and smoked salmon sandwiches, while sweet treats include scones with clotted cream and jam,  cup cakes, sponge cakes and trifles. 

Be sure to have enough food for your entire party. Plan how much each guest is likely to eat and then make slightly more. 


Provide your guests with things to do. Planning activities ahead of time is crucial. They are especially good if you have friends who will be attending who don't know each other. They tend to break the ice. Make sure your activities are age appropriate and stimulating for your guests and don't include any activity that may potentially harm or offend them. Playing charades or a trivia game can be fun, where you will have guests trying to guess a movie that's been enacted by someone or picking fun questions out of a box and answering them. You can use a pretty gift box, matching your theme, to hold the questions. Always keep the mood lighthearted.

Remember that the idea of a party is to entertain your guests and allow them to have a good time. Be the perfect hostess, never taking attention away from your guests at any time. And, never place a financial burden on yourself by creating debts or over-stretching your budget. Be wise!

Now get planning and enjoy your party!


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