Thursday, 27 August 2015

Recognise your strength.

Daiane Docothé and husband Tiago Decothé.
I remember hearing my teacher speak about the trajectory of a sperm once during a science lesson and it left me completely in awe. This made me look at myself differently and understand that nature begins as nature intends for us to proceed in life.

You were born a victor

Among millions of sperm, only one is able to successfully fertilize the egg in order for you to be born, defeating millions of contenders. How is it that someone who is born a victor can feel so defeated later on in life?

We see many people who are tired of living, some even contemplating suicide, because of the many difficulties they face. But, facing difficulty and overcoming is what you were born to do. Question is, in moments like these, how do you tap in this source of strength that you possess inside of you?

A source of strength

In a chase to fertilise the egg, the sperm cannot be distracted by the million problems around it. It's only focus is one, reaching the end - its focus is on the solution and not the problem. When things overwhelm you, shift your focus from what is going wrong and start focusing on what you would like to conquer. Live your dream day and night and do something towards it every day. Soon, victory will follow.

By Daiane Decothé.

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