Monday, 3 August 2015

How to make your children feel comfortable around you.

Mothers in Prayer Group in our Brixton branch.

The Mothers in Prayer group is ready for a brand new month! We're excited about what August will bring to us, but also very grateful for everything we have learned in July.

July has been the month of cultivating our friendship with our children. We have been learning to get to know them better and to love them not only as parents, but as friends as well. 

Perfect love drives out fear

This is one of the most beautiful quotes that exist about friendship, and it should apply in your friendship with your children. You should make them believe that no matter what they show you or share with you about themselves, your love with surpass their shortcomings. Remember, perfect love casts out fear. You cannot allow your children to be afraid to speak up about things which they know you won't approve of. 

It's important to watch your reactions when they choose to open up about their weaknesses. No matter how shocked or upset you are, don't show it. Rather reward the courage they had to come and tell you the truth. This will encourage them to do the same next time.

See the bigger picture

We know this is easier said than done. So, how can you develop this self-control and make sure to react in the right way? By doing what we spoke about last week, getting to know them better by investing in common interests with them! 

This will enable you to see the bigger picture. You will get to know who they really are and learn to respect them as individuals, instead of just focusing on their mistakes. 

Join us on Sunday after the 10:00am meeting for another prayer and valuable direction.


  1. Not a mother but I still managed to get something. I know someone who will benefit from this!

  2. I love this meeting .It has helped me so much in my relationship with my children.I have still more to learn cannot wait till next weeks meeting.

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  4. My children are adults and yes, I agree with your statement that It's important to watch my reactions when my children choose to open up and share with me. No matter how shocked or upset, l am to hear. I have learned not to comment or show it. I have also learned to reward the courage they showed to come and tell me.

    When they come and open up I feel valued and appreciated and it also shows me that it's important to let them air what they want and not to interrupt or offer advise just let them speak, all I need to do is listen and support them just as I would do to a friend. I realise how l use to treat and handled my children, in a stern authoritarian unyielding way, was influenced by what was handed down to me from my parents.

    Today my parenting has changed I know who my children really are and I have learned to respect them as individuals, instead of just focusing on their mistakes. Being a good listener helps our relationship, over the past months I continue to hear on different occasions 'I love you' at least once a week, this a gift to my ears and I thank God for my change.