Thursday, 20 August 2015

What to do when you fall.

Article by Moti Bernardino
Although this happened more than four years ago, I can still remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday.

I was out and about in a park, when all of a sudden I heard this loud thud behind me, then a woman panicking over a crying baby. A few of us gathered around her, watching her fuss over her crying son, while the father watched the scene attentively. After a few minutes of watching in silence, the father just couldn’t take it anymore. It was now his turn to deal with the situation.

Over in a few seconds

He set the mother aside from the scene and called the child by name, so he could look at him. With a stern voice, he asked him, "Why are you crying? Dry your tears, you’re fine!" The child stopped crying immediately and did as he was told. Then the father told the mother to get on the bike and the two rode off again, as if nothing had happened. In a few seconds he defused that whole situation and brought a solution.

Crying will not change anything

What was his secret? Conviction! He did not allow his emotions (his worry) to get the better of him. He knew his child was fine and saw no need to keep feeding those emotions. And, that's what what we need to do when we fall in life. There will be times in our lives when problems will come our way, we’ll make mistakes and go through painful experiences. The longer you feed your emotions, concentrating on the problem, the longer you remain in that problem. What you need is to separate your emotions from the problem, assess what you to do in order to solve it, and put all your efforts into solving it. Crying will not change anything. 

We were all born with an incredible instinct of survival! It is just clouded sometimes by emotions. Let the survivor inside of you come out! Don’t give up on your dreams. Don't be defeated. Even if you were set back by a fall, dry off your tears and continue with your journey to success! 

If things are difficult for you and you can't do it by yourself, here's a promise you can count on... (Psalms 50:15)


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