Monday, 10 August 2015

How to strengthen your relationship with your children

Today is Monday and today we focus on the relationship between mothers and children. For a relationship to be successful, there needs to be compromise and personal sacrifices. This is no different in the relationship between parents and children.

Don't keep a record of wrongs

Following God's example, who is the model Parent, mothers need to forget their children's past. When you keep a record of their wrongs and keep reminding them of the mistakes they once committed, it impedes them from moving forward, just as accusing them shows that the mother hasn’t move forward. While we focus on our children's faults and mistakes, we turn a blind eye to their amazing qualities and this leads us to be intolerant with them.

Believe in their change

Learn to forgive them and believe that your children can change, learn from their mistakes and start doing things differently.

Tatiana Amaro now enjoys a beautiful friendship with her daughter
Meet Tatiana Amaro

Ten years ago I had to leave my country and come to the UK to seek a better life. I was forced to leave my daughter back home with my family.  She grew up very angry and she developed difficulties to communicate. We got farther and farther from each other.  I didn’t know what to do. So, every Sunday, I started participating in the Mothers in Prayer gatherings. I began investing in my relationship with my daughter.

Putting in practice the tips that I learned, I started seeing a difference, first in me and then in my daughter. Today we are friends. She shares with me everything in her life and such a relationship of companionship, which can't be shaken, even when we are far.  

If you want to join us, we meet every Sunday after the 10am service, at the Rainbow Theatre, in Finsbury Park - London,  and we learn how to practice precious tips to enjoy a close relationship with our children.

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