Saturday, 8 August 2015

AAY 007 - What does friendship mean...

In this week's studio chat we meet with two sets of friends Ruth Nunes and Marcia Paulo, and Rita Oliveira and Helena Marques and we give them a quiz on how well they know each other. Find out who won the quiz. We also discuss what friendship means to them. Also joining us in the discussion is Sonia Pang from Ireland. Enjoy!

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  1. Aww this video is really sweet!

    Whilst watching it, I had one person on my mind whom I have been investing a stronger friendship with, thanks to our Godllywood offering last month, also, its part of my testimony! =D

    Refering to our personal friendship, I believe it is when you feel comfortable to open up to her and she understands you no matter what it is, she even can relate one way or another and never judges. A friendship also is motivating and supporting each other through thick or thin, through the hard and good times. Its when we laugh so much our bellies hurt, lol, and we could find the most silliest thing funny, and no one else gets the joke, lol! Also, its those moments when you have pleasure to spend quality time with her and just enjoy her company. Also, you don't necessarily need to see each other every single day, but you still think about her and pray for her and think of different ways to develop and improve the friendship!

    I could go on... =D

    Thank you so much for sharing xxx