Saturday, 4 July 2015

The diary of an ex-sufferer - the unexpected arrives!

In case you missed the beginning of this diary, you might want to start at the beginning.

Part 1
Part 2

Antonia Alencar and her brother Vando.
The unexpected always happens when we least expect it. Life was difficult enough, but one beautiful day, my mother found out that she was pregnant. We were all shocked, wondering how our lives were going to be now, with this extra mouth to feed. We were already struggling as three girls and now we were going to have one more addition to the family!

We asked food 
from our neighbours

We had no choice. We had to work hard not to let things fall apart. Time passed and we had many struggles, but finally the baby was born and it was a boy! I would look at my brother and would start crying, imagining what sort of struggles he would have to go to. 

Just as I imagined, he faced many struggles along with us. We had to ask food from the neighbours, who all knew about our difficulties and that my father was an alcoholic. They felt sorry for us and would help us.

Vando and their mother, Nilda. 
My father almost 
killed my mother

Time flew by and I remember the only toy he had was a wooden car. Life went on. When my father was drunk, he would beat my mother a lot. He almost killed her in front of our own eyes. We would scream at him, asking him, "Father, please don't kill our mother!" Then he'd stop. This continued for eight long, hard years.

My dreams of having a united and loving family were slipping farther and farther away from me.

What about you, friend? Do your dreams seem out of reach as well? Are you living a life filled with disappointment and pain?

Well, I met someone who changed my entire life and transformed my pain into joy.

Join me next week Saturday, for more of my story - Part 4, the little girl grew up!


  1. Wow:-)! I am reading this and I remember a friend who passed through something smilier to this, her family looked so beautiful from the outside, but only she knew what was going on at home. Her life and dreams where also a reflection of the problems she faced at home.

    I cant wait to read the next part of your story and how it turned out at the end.

  2. Very inspiring story. Can't wait for part 4

  3. Your story inspire many woman out there , especially the ones who are going through the same situation or problem , I can't wait for part 4 . Thank you very much

  4. Thank you very much 😙 I hope the my diary help all to read .