Thursday, 23 July 2015

How to build a strong friendship in marriage.

One of the things that brings distance in couples is not sharing common interests. He likes football, you like movies. So, he goes off to watch a match with his friends and you go watch movies with your friends. Before you know it, you're both drifting apart and because you're drifting apart, you are less motivated to spend time together. 

             Change the cycle 

Somewhere, this cycle needs to be broken, so that a new cycle – a good cycle – can begin. Seeing that between the two of you, the only one you can control is yourself, breaking this cycle must be your responsibility. So, where should you start? Start observing what interests him and participate in his hobbies. Instead of doing your nails in the bedroom, sit next to him while he watches the game and engage in it, even though you may understand very little. Accompany him when he goes out to do the things he loves doing.

Fun is contagious

In the beginning you may feel like you need like you're being fake, pretending to like something you don't, but you will be watching him do things he enjoys. You’ll see him laugh, have fun, relax and be vulnerable. 

And, because laughter and fun are contagious, you will be soon joining him in the fun. That’s when the distance between the two of you will shorten.

Hollywood leads us to believe that this friendship happens automatically, but, love requires investment. It is not about focusing on your own needs. It is about choosing to make someone happy – choosing to be someone’s dream come true. The more you strive to make your partner happy, the more valuable you become to him.

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