Friday, 24 July 2015

The diary of an ex-sufferer - Falling in love.

Today we're continuing with the diary of Antonia Alencar, an ex-sufferer whose life got transformed. If you've missed the beginning of her story, follow it here: Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

After my hard childhood, falling in love was a really exciting time in my life. I could finally start sharing my life and struggles with someone. I met a guy who seemed really nice and we dated for two years. But, my fairytale didn't last long. We soon began having a lot of arguments and misunderstandings. The romantic in me wanted to believe in a good ending, so I stayed in that bad relationship. He preferred spending time with his friends instead of me.

I shed a lot of tears

My friends told me to end it, because I deserved better, but I didn't want to lose one more thing in my life. I believed he would change. I shed a lot of tears in secret, not understanding why he was so cold towards me. One day I came home from university and found an email from him in my inbox. He wrote, "I can't continue dating you any more, I'm ending this relationship." 

I became livid. How could he break up with me by email? I wrote him, telling him to be man enough to break up with me in person. A week later I found out that he was dating another guy. Yes, that's right, he was dating another man! The friends he preferred spending time with were who he liked. 

Antonia Alencar picked herself up after a terrible breakup.
My self-esteem took a dive. I was very disappointed by his actions. Negative thoughts bombarded my head. But, as time went by, I slowly got over that pain. I learned to be more observant when it came to choosing someone. 

Hope for the future

Although I was greatly disappointed, I believed in a brighter future. I knew that my life wasn't over. Life goes on, and so I focused on valuing and loving myself instead. I knew that my story would have a happy ending one day, so I chose to move on.

Next week you'll read how my story ends in the final part of my diary - Part 7 - I gave myself a chance.

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