Thursday, 16 July 2015

Out with the old, in with the new!

Erika and her husband, Francisco, on their way to the UK.
In 2003 I moved from South Africa to the UK. My husband and I could only bring one suitcase each, weighing 23kg and another smaller one as hand luggage. You can imagine that we were not able to fit many things in those suitcases, considering that we were moving indefinitely to the UK. 

Left behind

I had to leave some things behind, so I wouldn't have access baggage. I left them in a suitcase with a friend, with the hope that they would be sent to me later on.

A few months after arriving in the UK, a friend from here travelled to South Africa and was able to bring my suitcase back. When she called me to pick my suitcase up, I was so happy! I was finally going to have my things!

Old Baggage

But, strangely, when I opened the suitcase, I realised that I no longer needed anything that was there. I had already got used to living without those items and had bought other things to substitute what I had left behind.

Many years later, Francisco and Erika Lima today.
Many times we hold on to the memory of things we once had but no longer need, for example, an old relationship that used to be bad, but at some point provided companionship. Many choose to hold on to those few good memories, forgetting the reason why they decided to leave that relationship in the first place. 

What are you carrying that needs to make room for the new? Fact is, if we don't get rid of the old, we will never make room for the new. Let go of the old ideas that impede you from seeing life from a different, much better perspective. Set yourself free!

By Erika Lima.


  1. Such a helpful post. It makes one reflect on what we sometimes hold that impedes o=su from the good things that the future is awaiting to give to us.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. .Erick speaks about old clothes,could also be grudges me is almost everyday life battle when people around you come with false accusations,offenses we must forgive let it go even though sometimes is difficult but it is for our own good to be free and move on.

  3. Thank you for sharing Miss Lima yours is a powerful, impacting and wonderful example of having to leave things behind by force then once you received them only to realise that they are not needed after all.

    This has happened to me so many times in my short life's journey. I have left things in Jamaica, USA, Canada, in and around London. Of those things some were replaced and others were not. All of this has taught me not to be attached and how to move on.

    I understand when Jeusus invited me not to worry about what l should drink, eat or wear because He knows exactly what l need when and where.
    Matthew 6.25-34.

  4. Geralmente as mudanças trazem um pouco de tristeza... mas Deus sempre tem o melhor para nossas vidas! Que lindoooo!!! Emoticon heart

  5. stacey matjeke16 July 2015 at 14:42

    Thanks for sharing. "what do I need to leave behind, in order to be blessed with something much greater. You can relate to so much more a bad attitude for a loving marriage, leaving behind bad freindships for blessed ones, laziness for financial independence, and the list goes on! If I truly apply this it can change my life!

  6. This is so true when we holding on something , we are blocking ourselfs from receiving new ones ( blessing ) , so letting go :its a solution , not being hold by past . Thank you for opening our eyes , especially grudges etc