Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Watch out Cyprus - there are spies in your land!

Helena Marques (left) and Claudia Brito (right) visiting Cyprus.

Claudia and Helena recently visited Cyprus, but it wasn’t to escape the cold London breeze and enjoy the scorching hot temperatures of this popular holiday destination. They were on a very important mission, one of spies! 

More about Cyprus..

Look at that high temperature reflected on the car dashboard...
Many holidaymakers may know Cyprus for its beautiful beaches, unusual pull and push door signs or temperatures that rise up to 48 ºC, but there is more to the island than meets the eye. 

It is situated in the eastern Mediterranean and was divided into a Greek southern side and a Turkish northern side in 1974.

Cyprus is a rather informal place. People easily enter into physical contact and in general, personal space is not observed. Visitors from larger Western countries often comment that Cyprus seems to be a place where "everyone knows each other."

A country in ruins

Claudia's impression of Cyprus was one of shock. She was stunned by the many 'to let' signs on empty businesses. Locals were rare on the streets and the few she managed to chat with were heavily depressed. They had no hope of a bright future.

The shocking truth... Cyprus' abandoned businesses and dilapidated buildings. 

Although many tourists still flock to this well known holiday spot, the reality is a bit different for those living in the country. The country has been in recession since 2012 and its effects can be seen throughout. One in four citizens in Cyprus is now experiencing poverty. 

Many are unemployed, with little chance of getting a job in order to earn a decent living. Shopkeepers and small businesses are fast disappearing. In modern day Europe, should families be depending on food kitchens for survival?

Is there a solution?

Christoulla Boodram
(Host of the Chrissy B Show)
Christoulla Boodram, commonly known as Chrissy B, also shares Claudia's opinion. Her mother is a native of Cyprus and Chrissy has visited the island many times.

"I remember how prosperous and happy people used to be there. It's so different now with the terrible economy. There is misery, depression, families divided and many people getting sick. They are very open there and will tell you all their problems, but they are bound to a religion that offers them no solution."

Is this the beginning of the end for the lovely of island of Cyprus? 

Well, Claudia's spying mission in Cyprus wasn't so she could experience what life is like as a female version of James Bond.  

She went in search of hope and a solution for Cyprus and we're happy to report that she has accomplished her mission in flying colours! Good girl, Claudia! Five stars for completing your assignment for flying colours! 

Friends, hope has now finally arrived in impoverished Cyprus! 

More to come tomorrow, when we'll be telling you how we are going to help Cyprus make a new beginning. 

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