Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Let's talk about sex!

It’s shocking to know that those one-night stands you no longer remember, or someone you rushed to have sex with and would rather forget, could have left their mark in you for life!

We’ve always heard that when you sleep with someone, they become a part of you for life. Well, research from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center has proven this statement to be scientifically true!

They discovered that some women had the Y-chromosome gene sequences in their blood. Y-chromosomes are chromosomes that belong to men, so what were they doing inside women?

An obvious answer would be that they came from pregnancy with a male son. Every woman who has ever been pregnant, even when they’ve had an abortion or miscarriage, still carries cells from her foetus within her bloodstream. But 22% of the women in the research had never been pregnant, so what would explain the presence of the male chromosome in these women?

The study concluded that the gene was transmitted through sexual intercourse. 

This means that women can receive the DNA of their sexual partners within their organs and blood stream and carry it for their entire life! And, it can later be passed on to their children!

Whose DNA is coursing through your veins?

Moreover, would you be happy for this DNA to be passed on to your children? What sort of sexual baggage are you carrying? It’s time to think twice about whom you get in bed with!

In His counsel to the first couple to ever exist, God shows us what He intended sex to be. “Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)

Before they can become one flesh, that is sexually involved, the man and woman first have to leave their father and mother. This means, they have to first be fully committed to one another. Their commitment has to be absolute – they have to be married.

Why is it worth the wait?

  • You’ll be giving yourself to somebody who has valued you enough to commit to you and will be avoiding the emotional baggage of having to recover from a breakup with someone you’ve given yourself to.

  • You’ll be giving your relationship a chance to develop into something strong. Sex too early in a relationship can block it from growing, as it leads to feeling like you’ve conquered it all.

  • Let’s not forget to mention the risk of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Ladies, be careful who you sleep with! Choose a partner for life. It's worth the wait!


  1. This is really interesting and insightful, even if you have made all these mistakes already it's never to late to start a fresh and turn a new page! Let go! And stop adding more sexual baggage!
    Worth the read!
    Miss Amado

  2. Very interesting to know this. With proven facts and statistics It makes it so much easier to understand why we shouldn't rush to having sex- even in marriage!

  3. Sex should be with one and only person whom you love. Intimacywith that one special person who knows the sound of your spirit and soul. This person knows you inside and out. Not just random strangers passing in and out like toilet where you dump everything.

    It doesn't sound hygienic too.

  4. What if the woman was raped? I read that this genetic stuff stays in the body of the woman during 7 years and that this kind of transmission not always happens. Anyway, it is hard to believe that a genetic stuff will be in the body of a woman for her entire life, I don't believe this study because it comes from only one source.