Monday, 7 September 2015

Gaining the respect of your children.

In all relationships there is one thing that is indispensable... RESPECT! This key ingredient makes every relationship successful and cannot lack in the relationship between mothers and children. I believe every mother strives to have the respect of their child. How often have you told them to respect you? But, are you putting the same effort into gaining your child respect? 

Respect is earned not imposed

In order to gain your child's respect, you have to respect them first. Respect is earned not imposed. This does not mean you will agree with everything your child does. We've previously spoken about your important role as a mother of teaching your child the difference between right and wrong, but this needs to be carried out in a respectful way.

You cannot devalue their ideas and their personality. As a mother, you are responsible for raising them, but this does not make you superior over them. You cannot impose your views and opinions on your children.

Respect their differences

Your child is a different person from you, so it is inevitable that at some point, they will have a different opinion from you. Instead of oppressing them, listen to their opinion. Your child also deserves to be heard, just as you do. Weigh their opinions and give them merit. This is how you will model respect for them, teaching them to do the same with others, and you will certainly gain theirs. 

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  1. So true when we ear what our kids have to say it makes it easier to deal with the situations! From expirience with my parent if they listen to me more we could have avoide many things!